Compact CRE

In order to respond to ALL kinds of corporate real estate needs, CCReB Advisors Inc. supports clients in formulating CRE strategies by capitalizing on broad partner networks and capabilities.

Compact CRE fund business

Compact CRE fund business enables securitization of assets which used to be regarded out of scope for securitization due to monetary size etc. and broadens companies’ opportunities for asset financing.
Previously, when warehouses or factories are constructed in local cities, CRE strategies used to be quite limited due to monetary size and locations. CCReB Advisors works very closely with business partners so that available CRE strategies significantly increase.

Project Management

CCReB Advisors offers Project Management service for the real estate properties for which CCReB Advisors provides CRE consulting or utilization advices. Project Management is for the period between planning for development ~ selection of a designer and a contractor ~ completion.
In case of a development as a lease property, we can arrange tenant leasing.
Further, if you intend to achieve off-balancing by sale of your property, we can arrange a sale to the Compact Fund managed by CCReB Advisors, depending on size of the property.
We can arrange our services made to order in a very much flexible way responding to customer’s various needs.

Property Management

CCReB Advisors offers Property Management services mainly for industrial properties which SPCs structured by our Compact CRE Fund owns.
CCReB Advisors offers non-stop, straight-through services from acquisition of a property to management and sale of it, utilizing alliances with business partners whenever necessary.

Support for business succession

Support for business succession aims for smooth transfer of business by providing solutions with keen focus on real estate values. CCReB Advisors intends to provide solutions to this increasingly imminent social issue.

Business succession involves issues such as lack of successors, difficulty of securing funds for succession, low productivity and so on, but at the same time, it does involve real estate related issues like “heavy fixed assets”, “necessity to renovate obsolete facilities” etc. CCReB Advisors has strength in industrial real estate such as factories and warehouses. We believe our expertise can be applied to solving business succession issues, such as funding for sales and leaseback transactions and converting underutilized properties to profit generating ones.

In order to enhance this move, CCReB Advisors has established collaborations with M&A advisory firms, regional banks and local government agencies. CCReB Advisors will continue to expand alliances with external professionals.

Business succession issues are especially critical among small and medium sized companies. In this regard, we firmly believe our Compact CRE business can provide meaningful solutions to this imminent issue and will actively promote this service.


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