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This year, CCReB Group will continue to provide solutions for various real-estate related issues and by doing so, we intend to contribute to Japanese industries

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your support extended to us last year.

In 2022, CCReB Group faced a lot of changes in its environment.

In March 2022, we launched “CCReB GATEWAY” which provides “hot words” extracted from business plans disclosed by all the listed companies and continued to issue various business reports. As a result, registered members, to our delight, who valued the concept and usefulness of CCReB GATEWAY exceeded 1,000.
Approximately 40% of the registered members belong to divisions such as management and planning, finance and business administration of corporations. Recently, we are seeing increasingly broadened base of members as illustrated by registration by students. This year, we will continue to provide useful information of new trends with more diverse media utilized.

Every year, CCReB forecasts “hot word” of the year and makes it a rule to adopt a business strategy based on it. As indicated by the hot word in 2022, “Confusion in supply chain”, a “Restructuring of supply chain” will become an imminent issue in 2023 including the formulation of corresponding CRE strategy. Further, we predict “Reshoring” will become an increasingly focused word this year.

Under the business environment mentioned above, we, CCReB Group, including both CCReB Advisors and CCReB Marketing, will implement strategies as follows:

  1. 1In CRE Advisory segment, we will enhance an alliance with partner companies by enhancing project management business.
  2. 2In PropTech segment, by releasing a new real estate matching system, “CCReB CREMa”, we will respond to the needs of corporations for domestic reshoring and will enable efficient identification of locations in search.
  3. 3In Compact CRE segment, we will efficiently increase the number of new projects identified by utilizing our real estate matching system as has been the case till last year and further, will implement a new CRE scheme using our own B/S. We firmly believe our engagement in CRE activities will lead to contributions for Japanese industries.

As illustrated above, CCReB Group will not only implement speedy development in each segment as has been the case before, but also will implement measures including investment on human capital as well as strengthening of internal control and governance, all of which are requisite in today’s environment.

Your continuing support would be highly appreciated.

Yukihiro Miyadera
Representative Director
CCReB Advisors Inc.

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