Formulate CRE Strategies with One Stop Solutions

New Lights on Corporate Real Estate Strategy

Corporate Real Estate market is widely regarded as still untapped despite its huge potential with huge stock size. CCReB Group is a new enterprise – We plan, develop, sell and utilize PropTech. We offer CRE consulting, invest in real estates and manage, aiming to realize great potential of this huge attractive market.


Formulate “CRE Strategy”
with CCReB PropTech

CCReB Advisors offers one stop solutions for CRE strategy capitalizing on our proprietary PropTech, such as utilization of a real estate property (land) for monetization, restructuring of operation sites and leasing of warehouse and facilities, by leveraging on our strong network with partners.

About Services
Corporate Activities Empowered by Data Marketing & Solutions provided by CCReB Group


“GATEWAY” for All Businesses

CCReB Group offers broad range of services including operation of CCReB GATEWAY, planning & development of next generation technology systems applicable not only to real estate but also to all other industries, data marketing, research activities and offering seminars.

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