Introduction of Executives

Yukihiro Miyadera
Representative Director

Founder of CCReB Advisors Inc. Prior to the foundation in 2019, belonged to a leading lease company, a major developer, a REIT management company; throughout of the career, involved in business promotions for corporate clients and in property acquisitions.
Formulation and execution of CRE (Corporate Real Estate) strategy is the daily work.
Favorite word: “Thoughts make things” Originally from Tokyo
Concurrently assumes Representative Director and CEO, CCReB Marketing Inc.

Hideki Shirato

Head of Corporate HQ. Joined CCReB Advisors in 2022. Worked for one of the largest financial institutions in Japan; spent 12 years in USA including President of its US arm and was also engaged in investment banking businesses such as M&A. Subsequently, assumed CFO of a foreign affiliated auto components company, listed in Prime market.
The goal is to realize upside potentials of CCReB based on the experiences above. Originally from Kanagawa Prefecture

Jin Komuro

Head of Planning HQ. Prior to joining CCReB Advisors in 2020, belonged to a major developer and a REIT management company; throughout of the career, involved in real estate development, asset management and acquisitions.
Fully dedicated to realize CCReB’s mission and vision: “To contribute to Japanese economy and industries by providing solutions for all types of corporate real estate”
Originally from Shizuoka Prefecture
Concurrently assumes Director, CCReB Marketing Inc.

  • Shigekazu Okazaki
    Full-time corporate auditor
  • Kosaku Kawaguchi
    External corporate auditor
  • Masaya Suzuki
    External corporate auditor
  • Taichi Togane
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