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CRE Consulting

CCReB Advisors Inc. provides CRE Consulting services to formulate and implement strategies unique and specific to respective customers, in both real estate businesses and general businesses (non-real estate businesses). Such tailored services are made possible by long and abundant CRE (Corporate Real Estate) experiences of CCReB Advisors professional members.

Examples of the needs CCReB Advisors can address in CRE Consulting for Real Estate business companies:
“We like to strengthen our CRE businesses, but are not sure how and from what first step we can start”
“We like to propose CRE strategies to our clients, but are not sure what should be the main focus in the presentation.”
etc., etc.

Examples of CRE Consulting for Non-Real Estate business companies:
“We like to make detailed strategies in consolidating and streamlining operating sites in all over Japan, including sale or leasing to other companies.”
“We like to consider B/S (Balance Sheet) streamlining and P/L (Profit & Loss statement) management from the viewpoint of financial strategy, but are not sure which matters we should most focus on.”
etc., etc.

CCReB Advisors can support various needs from abundant perspectives. Please contact us.