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CCReB Clip ~ Information Tool ~

“CCReB Clip” provides services on a spot basis to prepare a list of companies which include specific key words in their mid-term business plan. Once key words are selected by users, “CCReB AI” engines identify such companies out of 1,500 companies stored in the system (as of Sep 1, 2020).

For example, “CCReB Clip” can immediately respond to the following questions with a comprehensive list of relevant company names:
How many companies include in Mid-term Business Plan key words which have become frequently used post Corona Virus, such as “DX (Digital Transformation)”, “Digitalization”, “5G”, “Utilization of AI”?
How many companies set environment related key words as management goals, such as “ESG”, “SDGs”?
How many companies set key words related to global activities, such as “Strengthening of overseas businesses (China, USA, Europe)”, “Establishment of global supply chain”?

“CCReB Clip” can cross-check mid-term business plans issued by large number of companies. When users would like to create a report for business promotion purposes, such as “List of target companies for promoting new businesses”, or a report for consulting purposes, such as “Change of business strategies of listed companies post Corona era”, in either case, users can be freed from an inefficient process of accessing homepages one by one and picking up key words. Instead, users can create a business target list or many kinds of research reports extremely efficiently.

“CCReB Clip” is for users, not only in real estate industry but also in other industries, who do not have needs for monthly subscription but like to utilize the searching capabilities on a spot basis to prepare a report by selecting key words in a mid-term business plan.
“CCReB Clip” can prepare a list with an Excel format within a single day at the earliest.