3. Message from President


Message from President

Realize and Present New Solutions for CRE
CCReB Group will advance to a new stage


I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your support extended to CCReB last year.

As we had expected, 2021 was the year when CRE strategies by corporations became very active.

In 2021, by utilizing its proprietary property-technologies, CCReB provided CRE solutions to respond to various needs of customers, such as sales of non-core assets to fund capital expenditures becoming increasingly necessary in Carbon Neutral era, advice and support to convert a long-time unutilized property to a profit generating asset, in addition to sale and lease back transactions which needs constantly exist as a part of finance strategies.

In 2022, we will start a new service in our 100% subsidiary, CCReB Marketing, by applying our proprietary property-technologies.  The new service is through B2B portal site, “CCReB Gateway”, which will be released in Spring 2022.  CCReB Gateway not only provides unique and useful information for both business corporations and players in a real estate industry, but also create new added-values by projecting new trends of the current era.  In this way, CCReB Gateway intends to function as a bridge between business corporations and players in a real estate industry.

This year in 2022, CCReB Group, consisted of CCReB Advisers and CCReB Marketing, will implement clear and focused strategies in respective segments similarly as last year.  Further, CCReB Group will pursue its development more flexibly and speedily than previous years.

Concretely speaking, CCReB Group will:

  1. In CRE Advisory segment, further strengthen support and execution of CRE strategies of business corporations
  2. In Property Technologies segment, broaden service lineups by the release of CCReB Gateway
  3. In Compact CRE segment, increase origination of new transactions by utilizing the real-estate matching system and enhance transactions which will contribute to sustainability

Your continuing support would be highly appreciated.


Yukihiro Miyadera
Representative Director
CCReB Advisors Inc.