3. Message from President


Message from President

My goal is to enable “What seemed easy but actually difficult to carry out” or “What was not possible to do despite strong demands”, All by Technologies.

I established CCReB Advisors Inc. in July 2019.

I have been involved in so called “Real Estate Acquisition Business” for corporates and enterprises for a long period of time, including securitization and acquisition of lands for development purposes. Throughout this period, I had to decline a lot of opportunities because of their “smaller investment size” or their “non-metropolitan/ country side locations”.  I strongly wished to provide solutions to those many unrealized opportunities and the customers.  Also, I strongly believe the time has come when real estate properties are not only newly developed, but also are reutilized in the best and efficient ways.  Those are the backgrounds of the establishment of CCReB Advisors Inc.

We have faced tremendous changes in 2020.  In order to prepare for Post-Corona Virus era, new life-style and more efficient work-style is required, which will certainly accelerate importance of Digital Transformation (DX) and further utilization of AI, IoT as a cornerstone of corporate strategies.

We CCReB Advisors Inc. intends to contribute to this rapidly changing economic and industrial environment, by providing technologies and solutions to improve operational and production efficiencies by ceaselessly developing and enhancing our Real Estate technologies and solutions.

Yukihiro Miyadera
Representative Director
CCReB Advisors Inc.